Tone Dog was created out of a shared passion for playing and improvising together for live audiences. The group was born in small-town, out-of-the-way Colorado on a sheep farm, where Alex Graf (Guitar, Vocals), Tony Holmquist (Mandolin, Vocals) and Silas Hamilton (Bass, Fiddle, Vocals) first started playing for small groups of family and friends.  After the 2020 disruptions to life, all three members realized life is too short, and it’s best spent doing what they loved the most, playing bluegrass together, live. With diverse sets of musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz, grunge, traditional Irish, dance, old time, and The Dead, the trio combines varying sounds into a unique iteration of driving, purpose-filled bluegrass music. Tone Dog pulls from the deep wellspring of traditional music and reimagines it in a nuanced and exciting way. Fast picking, vocal harmonies, exciting arrangements and vibrant live energy bring them to the forefront of emerging bluegrass music in Colorado.


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